Two Wonderful Rides in One Week

This is going to be a short post since I’m doing it from my phone.

I got back from my trip for my grandmother’s funeral and then 2days later turned around and went on our planned trip for the summer.  Got back and it was time for work…so it’s been a week of workshops and getting class ready for the start of the semester on Monday.

A girl from the barn, L, invited me to go riding with her Monday night and I went. I had a fabulous ride on Sox. Everything was perfect.  Tonight we went again and the ride on Sox was good, but not like Monday. Then we sat around the barn and had a few beers and played with the dogs while shooting the shit. It was a fun night.

I will be back more regularly again and will have more to say about this week’s ride as well as post something for this week’s photo challenge. 🙂

Happy riding !!!


Life Has Other Plans

Well, my lease is coming to end in a few weeks and I originally planned to ride, ride and then ride some more as my vacation winds down.  But life has other plans for me.  My grandmother died this morning, so I am road-tripping it up to New England with my mom for the funeral Wednesday.  My grandmother has been sick  for a long time now so this wasn’t a big surprise.  I am sad that she is gone, but I know she’s not in pain anymore.  It hasn’t hit me really yet, although I haven’t been close with her as an adult.  I will get the most emotionally choked up seeing everyone else’s sorrow over this – especially my mom’s – but also my cousins who all live up north near her.  They had a much closer bond with her than I had so this hits them much harder I am sure.

Give your loved ones a hug today.  And happy riding to the rest of you.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

I know I don’t participate each week, but I try to when I remember.

This week’s theme is “Relic” (click HERE to read about the challenge).


When we looked at the house we live in, I remember thinking that the tree house in the back yard was cute and quaint.  It’s like a relic of the past when kids played outside and that treehouse was a castle surrounded by a moat of burning hot lava.  Now, the kids are inside; playing a video game where the hero must fight his way into a castle surrounded by a lava moat…

For now, this relic of past childhood memory-building times is used as a lookout tower by my dogs.  Below you can see Bowser checking out the yard for bad guys.  All is well.


My dog, Bowser, uses the treehouse far more often than my son does.  It's the dog's "lookout" tower.

My dog, Bowser, uses the treehouse far more often than my son does. It’s the dog’s “lookout” tower.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

Regarding the photo challenge, I haven’t been playing weekly, but only when I remember.  That counts right?  I also need to write up my last few rides and today’s lesson.  I’ll get to that in a little bit.  For now, here’s my “contrast” picture. You can play too, check it out HERE for this week’s guidelines.  The dailypost in general is fun for inspiration.  I was pleasantly surprised by it.

You can see he was basking in the sunlight, his white fur is very reflective in those situations.  His different color eyes really stand out in this lighting too.  Basically, he contrasts with everything around him, most of the time.  And so does his white fur.  😉

My cat Fox.  Sitting in the sun.

My cat Fox. Sitting in the sun.


I will be writing a horse-related post in just a little bit.  Stay tuned.