Who I am and Where I’m Coming From

Hi! My name is Auntie Chi Chi – well, not really, but it’s what I go by according to my son and my nephews, so it will work here too.  I am 34 years old, married (for the 2nd time, this time for reals though!), I have an almost 10 year old son, and I started riding horses November of 2012.  Before that, I had always admired them from afar, but I never had any real experience on, with, or around them until I started taking lessons.

I got into horseback riding because my son expressed an interest in riding, so he could be like Link on Epona (from the Legend of Zelda for you non-gamer folks out there).  I figured that this was my chance to try riding!  I loved it!  My son?  Meh – he could take it or leave it.  In fact, he’s left it for Taekwondo, but he still very much enjoys coming out to the barn with me to visit the horses, the barn cats and dogs and to play with the barn owner’s daughter.

In just a couple weeks, I will be part-leasing for the very first time – an awesome pony named Sox.  He has been my primary lesson horse for most of the time I have been riding and I have the summer off so, I figured now would be a good time to get in the habit of documenting my riding.  I have read that keeping a journal is a good idea so you can track your progress and whatnot, so here we go.  My next lesson is this coming Friday, so hopefully I remember to get back on here and write some things down!

I plan to write about my lessons, my time riding outside of lessons (when that starts in a few weeks –ooh nervous!), my thoughts on horsey-related things, and I may even link to other things I think are neat.  We shall see.

Until next time,