It’s Been a While…And I Miss it!

It’s been quite some time since I was here last….But it’s also been quite some time since I rode last.  Which sucks!  Three weeks ago, I had a lesson on Sox and it was lovely.  We worked on cantering in a small figure eight, which was super hard, but totally worth it.  I don’t know when it happened, but I can canter in smaller areas now.  I am no longer stuck only using the WHOLE arena!  Yay!!  Then we worked on some jumping and that’s all I can remember.  Whoops – should have blogged then about it.

Today I got to ride again!  Finally!  Three weeks is way too long to go without riding!!  I had SUCH a good lesson today.  A year ago, if I had taken three weeks off of riding, it would have taken me so long to get back into the swing of things.  In fact, I did take 6 weeks off last year in the summer and it took a good month of me riding to feel like I could pretty much do all the things I could do before I took that time off.  Now, I might need the first 10 minutes of the lesson to re-orient my body to being on a horse, but I pick it up so much faster now, it feels good to be on horseback.  I love it so much.  Even when my trainer makes me work so hard and it’s hot!

We worked on getting my hips to loosen up today by having me do this twisting exercise while I posted today – it felt weird, but when I straightened back out, I could totally feel the difference.  It was great.  My trot felt so nice today and Sox was really responding to me today – if I asked correctly!  We worked on some trot poles, then some cavalletti’s and then a small bounce.  I did ok I think, Sox wanted to canter all of it of course so I had to work on keeping him at the proper pace over the poles leading to the bounce – after that, he could do what he wanted.  I did pretty good staying with his motion for once!

We worked on my canter as well today and I have been cantering in half seat a lot over the last 2-3 months, which is fine, but I have been using it as a crutch rather than learning to actually sit the canter and get my hips to move and all that.  At first, it was fine, but today I asked my trainer to remind me to sit more.  I still wasn’t sitting fully in the saddle but it wasn’t a full half seat either…maybe 1/4 seat?  🙂  Getting my body to listen was a chore today – if i wasn’t riding on my girly parts, I was sticking my butt out and arching my back!  I did get it right finally and got that “scooping” motion going and tucking the tummy and all that but I could not maintain it for very long, but that’s ok.

Sox and I were so sweaty today after our ride and I was so over-heated, I had to sit in front of the fan with him for a bit before I could hose him down.  And then I hosed us both down.  He enjoyed it.  I like to think he missed me because I was the one giving him his baths and using his special shampoo on his itchy head…and maybe because he actually likes me.  (a girl can dream).  I missed him.  I miss the barn in general and all the horses there.

Trainer and I discussed me riding some of the other horses here and there, which will be interesting.  It’s been nice riding the same horse all the time, but I know you can really develop your skill by riding different horses.  Each horse is going to be different and if you can do it on one horse, if you REALLY know it, you should be able to transfer that skill – i know I wont be able to at first.  She told me the few she was thinking for me to try (charlie & luna) but nothing is set right now.  Ought to be fun though!

Well, here’s to riding sooner!!



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