Still no Rides…

Aww…No horseys for Auntie Chi Chi.  😦  This week was a nice week – although it was hot, it wasn’t nearly as hot as the week before.  And no rain in the afternoons…until Friday night.  WHen I was supposed to go riding.  Then the worst storm in a while came rolling through.  So, lesson was cancelled.  No barn time, no Sox time.  And now, I can’t go riding until THURSDAY!  Oh no!  Hopefully, it doesn’t rain that evening.  Sigh.  I am starting to really miss my horsey time. 


I knew I had grown used to riding so regularly, but I didn’t recognize the impact it was having on me overall.  I felt healthier and more active when I was actually being more active at the barn.  I was still feeling like I was learning something new and growing as a human being and I am missing that feeling of growth now.  I felt like I worked all summer to bond with Sox and he finally acknowledged me last time by being extra cuddly and snuggly and now I can’ t go out and see him and I am actually quite sad about that.  I was also starting to make an impression on Lily, and I miss her too.  Next summer I am making my trainer teach me how to lunge so I can properly attend to Miss Lily…this summer we were supposed to do that, but with my trainer’s pregnancy, things just didn’t happen as they were supposed to.

I am encouraging my trainer to set up an Adult Pony Camp for this winter.  All the girls have expressed real interest in it and she has some good ideas for us to do.  I think it will be super fun and probably my only time to obsess over the horses until next summer. 

Even though I am taking an unexpected break, I feel good about going back.  many times in the past, if I took any kind of break at all I would be all nervous getting back in the saddle, but I’m not feeling that this time.  I know I will be a bit stiff and probably “off” but I am ok with it because I know it is normal and I know i am good enough to figure it out at this point.  I’m not awesome, but I can manage.  🙂

Well, happy riding…eventuallY!


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