Life Has Other Plans

Well, my lease is coming to end in a few weeks and I originally planned to ride, ride and then ride some more as my vacation winds down.  But life has other plans for me.  My grandmother died this morning, so I am road-tripping it up to New England with my mom for the funeral Wednesday.  My grandmother has been sick  for a long time now so this wasn’t a big surprise.  I am sad that she is gone, but I know she’s not in pain anymore.  It hasn’t hit me really yet, although I haven’t been close with her as an adult.  I will get the most emotionally choked up seeing everyone else’s sorrow over this – especially my mom’s – but also my cousins who all live up north near her.  They had a much closer bond with her than I had so this hits them much harder I am sure.

Give your loved ones a hug today.  And happy riding to the rest of you.



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