My Trainer is Having a Baby Soon!!

Since my trainer is about to have her baby any time in the next two weeks, this past Wednesday was my last lesson with her for a bit.  Last week was supposed to be the last lesson, but she felt good enough to work this week too, plus she wanted to end with a little jumping.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out to the barn Monday or Tuesday, so the first time I rode this week was during my lesson.  I got there a little early and was able to start warming Sox up before she finished with the lesson before.  There was no one training just after me though, so we were in no hurries.

Sox was pretty alert and active that day, so that was a bonus.  Sometimes he can be a little slow to get started, as though he thinks I don’t really mean it – it’s all a big joke and I’m going to let him go back to munching & napping in his stall.  My trainer had us progress pretty quickly through the things we’ve been working on and I needed minimal correction, which was nice.  I felt good in the saddle that day, even though my RA was flaring up in my shoulder, it wasn’t interfering or making me stiff.  We worked on getting my left leg back.  My right leg goes to the correct position, but my left leg is apparently too far in front.  When she gets me straight and aligned – I feel like I am tilted backwards and that I’m practically kneeling on my left knee, which also feels like it’s a good several inches behind my other leg.  Obviously, my natural “balance” was way out of balance!!

She had me go around and around in two-point and that really helped get my leg corrected.  We did some figure-8’s over some trot poles laid out between some jumps.  That’s been our go-to work out lately when I ride on my own, so I was doing those much better than the last time my trainer had us do that exercise.  (Last time, we were all over the place, I had trouble steering, and was really perch-y going over the poles).  Then she had me do some canter work.  She had me canter-depart from the straightaways a few times, rather than the corners like Sox expects.   I felt much more balanced in the canter and was able to keep it going a bit longer than normal.  My left hand/arm has a tendency to get stiff and not stay with the motion of the horse, so she had me hold onto the martingale with my left hand – which felt weird but seemed to work!    I was also riding for the 2nd time with my gloves on, but by this part of the lesson they were feeling less awkward finally.

We finished up with a small jump where the trot poles were – so same exercise, but with a small cross rail.  I did ok.  She said I did ok, but I felt like I was having a little trouble following the horse’s motion.  She did have to tell me to place my hands higher on his neck and really stretch, but to remember that my hips need to do the work and open/close.  I either didn’t bend enough or threw myself forward.  It’s a little ridiculous how much I can’t get my body to listen, lol.  I have been working on hip stretches a lot and she did mention that I seem much less stiff in my hips, so those stretches are helping, yay!!

I am pretty bummed I don’t get to work with my trainer for a while after this, but I am excited she’s having a baby.  I’ll still see her – she lives on property and our kids play whenever I ride.


Friday, July 11, 2014

My sister decided to come out to the barn today while I rode.  My son went to the house and played video games with my trainer’s kids.   It was nice having my sister there since NO ONE else came out to ride this morning and I don’t like being alone out there.  She also was able to video record me so I can watch myself (eww) and see what I’m doing right & wrong.   It was really humid out there today, so it got really hot really quickly today, so I ended up only riding about 40-45 minutes, which is still a good ride.

We did a little of everything I worked on Wednesday, minus the small jumps.  Having my sister there was also nice because I was able to have her set up a few extra trot poles.  😉  The ride today was nice and I had a good time.   Sox was actually affectionate when I was done today and rubbed his head all over me.  OF course, it’s because his face was all itchy, but I’ll take what i can get.  😉

I did work out a barter with my friend that used to be my trainer.  She rides horses for my trainer while she can’t ride due to her pregnancy.  My trainer would act as the groom and my friend did the riding, but now my trainer can’t groom anymore, so my friend needs a groom once a week.  SOooo, I volunteered to do the work in exchange for a lesson on another day.  She knows I have no idea what all I will be doing but she is confident I can handle it.  🙂  And I get a free lesson, which saves me some money, so that’s good.  I have nothing really to offer my trainer for a deal like that, so this is cool.  Plus, I feel like I will learn something.  I going to try and get them to show me how to lunge the Sox this week or next though.  I really ought to know how.


ANyway, that’s all for now.  I get to play groom on Tuesday and get my free lesson on Wednesday.  Woot.  😉  Happy riding!!

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