Quick rides are still Good rides

I wasn’t able to get out to the barn early enough to get a full ride in today, but that’s ok.  Yesterday’s ride sucked.  It was like I had never ridden.  My butt didn’t know where to be, my legs were all over, my hands were awful…it just wasn’t great.  I wasn’t sure if I should even bother with trying to canter after all that awful-ness yesterday, but I finally pulled it mostly together for a little bit at the end of my ride and got a few good transitions to canter and back down to trot. I didn’t push my luck by trying to go too far or transition too many times, so the couple we did each direction were good and we left it at that.

Even though we got those few good canters in yesterday, I still didn’t feel like I did anything positive in the saddle yesterday so I decided (kinda late) today that I needed to at least get in the saddle today a little bit just to make sure it was a fluke.  I mean, I know I am not a great rider, but yesterday I was SO off balance and not right, I needed to end the week on a better note.  I didn’t get to the barn until after ten this morning (it was already almost 90 degrees too) and for once, everyone was wrapping up and getting ready to leave!  I don’t ride at the barn totally alone, so I hurried up and tacked up Sox and jumped on for a quick ride.

We only worked on walk-trot; there wasn’t time for any canter.  But that is totally cool because honestly, I just wanted to feel like I should even be in the saddle.  Which I did.  Compared to yesterday, I felt better today as soon as I sat in the saddle and started walking.  Granted, Sox had much less oomph today than he did yesterday, which is ironic I guess – yesterday he was GO GO GO and I couldn’t do anything right and today I was much better and he was trying to nap.  We did a bunch of figure 8’s and other circle shape-things, a few trot poles and a lot of 2-point (at both walk and trot).  When my friend told me she was heading out, I walked Sox around the barn and driveway talking to her to cool him out.  We’d only ridden about 20 minutes at that point, and not hard at all, so cooling out was more fun than necessary.

I spent more time with Sox after our ride than I did actually riding him today.  But it was nice.  I gave him a nice sponge-bath in front of the fan today, used his special spray for his skin (instead of his special shampoo) and then dried him off nicely and used one of the body brushes to make him extra shiny. 🙂  He looked quite nice when I was done.  Then, my son and I gave treats to and took pictures of all the horses in the barn.  It was quite fun.  Here are a few pics from today.  We took a boatload!

dexter reaching for treats

You can’t see it, but my son is standing off camera with the box of sugar cubes.

old man zak

Zak is the sweet old man of the barn. So gentle.


This guy is a little stinker, but totally cute. And very excited to come get that treat.

at the barn

It’s awful, but I can’t remember this guys name. I think it’s Travis. not sure though. he’s nice!

lily in the field

This is Lily in her Fly gear out in her pasture. She’s so sweet. She nickers at us whenever we walk close by.

sox eating my apple

Even thought I just shared the end of my apple with him, he’s giving me that look. He hates me taking his picture.

sox hating the camera

He totally freaked himself out over my camera. No flash or anything. It took me a good five minutes to calm him down after. He got really excitable after this shot was taken. He does better with cameras when he is grazing.

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