Recovering from my fall

Friday I had a lesson.  It would be the first time back on Sox since my fall on Wednesday.  I know most people say I should have gotten back on as soon as possible, preferably on Wednesday, but I was just way too wobbly.  I was a little worried that I would be anxious about riding again but I actually wasn’t.

We had already planned to do a lunge line lesson before my fall, but I think knowing that I would be starting out on the lunge line may have calmed any nerves I already had.  I know I can still fall off while on the line because my only other fall off the horse was on the lunge line!  😉    I really felt that I made a lot of progress Friday though.  I was able to really learn what my legs should feel like when they are in the right position and how I should feel when I am sitting straight (I feel like I am leaning back actually).  I also found out that I tend to lean out to the left no matter which direction I am traveling.  If left is on the outside, it’s even worse!!

So we did lots of trotting Friday.  On the line we did posting and sitting trot and really worked on me finding the proper balance.  Once we got off the lunge line, I worked on doing those same things around the arena.  I could feel the difference from what I was doing on Wednesday to what I was doing on Friday.  Hopefully I will be able to pull my stuff together on Tuesday when I go riding and do it correctly then too!

We finished up the lesson with some canter.  Because of my fall the other day, I was definitely aware of not hunching my shoulders forward, but apparently I still lean forward with my belly.  So we worked on getting me into the proper position and getting a clean transition.  When it finally came together, it came together so smoothly!!  I had to ask a few times to get it though.  The first few times I was throwing all my weight to the outside without meaning too, so he started out on the wrong lead.  The next few times, he just went faster at the trot.  So I worked on keeping my weight even and staying straight.  I tend to turn out my hips apparently!  Once we straightened me out (for the most part), I trotted a few decent circles and was able to pick up the canter on the correct lead and make an entire lap around the arena!  Yay!  We had already gone over our hour and she had to take her son to camp, so we called it quits on that good ending and I cooled out Sox after that.

Afterwards, I spent some time with Sox just sharing my gatorade and letting him graze.  He was actually pretty nice to me and almost cuddly.  🙂  Another girl at the barn there, one that has known Sox since he came to the barn, told me how much she can tell he likes me.  That made me feel good, because I am still learning his personality and although it is clear when he does NOT like someone, i didn’t know if I had passed out of the neutral zone or not.  She also complimented me on how good he is looking – usually this time of the year, he has an awful looking itchy scratchy mess on his face and neck, but I have really been keeping up with it!  So that was pretty nice.  She also told me that I am making really good progress and that if I keep it up, she thinks I will be ready to ride Lily by the end of the summer!  I don’t know if I agree with her assessment on the Lily riding, but still, made me feel good.

Speaking of Lily, I took her out Friday too and groomed her a bit.  She really needs another bath and a real good scrubbing.  She is starting to look forward to our weekly dates though.  When I walk by her pasture, she trots over to the gate and snorts at me!  When I don’t get her out, she gets visibly unhappy with me!  Makes me feel special.  Maybe I can encourage my trainer and her assistant to put the time in on her again so she can be ride-ready soon!

Happy Riding!


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